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  The term of office 2015-2016

During the year 2015 the situation of the council of Muotka-Rantakokko Association has changed. Four active council members have retired. One of them passed away, two of them retired for health reasons and one needed a pause after a long period of council work. Former secretary has started her work as chairman. There are two young members new in the council now. Unfortunately they reside in the Southern Finland and can't always travel to Muonio for the council meetings. There is a chance to take part in meetings through the internet via Skype. It has been difficult to find a new chairman and a new secretary for the Association. Still, a secretary is missing.

For continuing activities, like organizing a big family reunion or events of other themes, quite a big number of active members is needed. They are not possible to become true on behalf of a small group of people. A lot of work is to be done. In the annual meeting of the Association was decided, that the big family reunion can't be held during the summer 2016 in the present situation. Instead there is an utmost importance to finding a new secretary or chairman or both.

The present council members are:
Mervi Muotka, chairman
Katja Muotka, vice chairman
- Secretary can be a member out of the council.

Other members:
Olli Muotka, Virva Muotka, Veli Puranen and Anneli Ylipää

Debuty members:
Topi Kannasvuo and Asko Muotka

 The book on Muotka-Rantakokko –families
The third edition of our familybook is being sold.  There are 750 new names inserted and a few pictures added to it.  The price of the book is 38 € each.  Please, see the page The book of families to read more on this subject.
At the reunion it was decided to change the membership fee.  It is now an annual fee to be paid every year in January or February.  The amount of the fee is 10 € per an adult member.  This practice will be taken in use starting in the year 2012.  You may also decide to pay permanent membership fee, which is 150 €, and not worry about the matter afterwards.  The information concerning the bank accounts is to be found on the page “Join the Muotka-Rantakokko –society”.
  The familygathering in 2011
The reunion was held in Muonio on the 23rd and the 24th of July 2011.  150 familymembers from Finland, Sweden and USA attended.