Etusivu      History
The book on the Muotka-Rantakokko –families of Ylimuonio was first published in 2001 by Kerttu Saarni.  Her work inspired us to form this society.   Four years were needed to be ready to make the final decision.   In October 2005 the constitutive meeting was finally held at the old school of Ylimuonio.  In March 2010 the Muotka-Rantakokko –society had been in function for four years.  The number of members has grown gradually, reaching soon the figure of 300.

Responsible for the activities of the society is the council, which is elected in the annual meeting.  There are seven members and two deputy members in the council.  The secretary and the treasurer may be elected from outside the council.  During the past four years we have organized one familygathering in September 2007.  Some 130 relatives participated.  They came from Finland, Sweden, Norway and the United States.  The atmosphere was good and many nice memories were left to think about.  Also it was decided to hold a new gathering in three years.