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The book on Muotka-Rantakokko –families of Ylimuonio
The third edition of our book on Muotka-Rantakokko -families by Kerttu Saarni was published at the reunion held in Muonio on the 23rd and 24th of July 2011.  The new version of the book is supplemented and updated.  There are 750 new names added to it.  The cover of the book is identical to the first and the second editions, but the contents are not.  The changes are due partly to Anneli Ylipää's genealogical investigations and partly to current information sent by the family members themselves.  Some pictures also were inserted.
Some reader may wonder why the information on his family remains the same through the first and the second edition and the information on the family of a close relative has been updated.  The answer is: the relatives should themselves send in the information concerning the changes in their family connections.  The editors may not go out to detect them.
The familybook was a good seller at the reunion.  There still are books  remaining to be sold.  The price of a book is 38 €.  In case you visit Muonio, you may enter Palkinen's shop for handicrafts, gifts and souvenirs at Kiela to purchase a few.  You may also order books by mail from Anneli Ylipää, Sweden or Mervi Muotka, Finland.  Please, see the page Connections of these homepages.
The work on the book of families continues
The details of the Finnish law on personal privacy matters (1999) and the genealogical praxis direct us to ask each family to deliver facts only on their own family, not other relatives, not even rather close ones.  The validity of the data distributed should be confirmed by the signature of the person sending it.  Thus we try to avoid publishing invalid information or any data without  permission of those, whom it concerns.
HERE you’ll find a form for data collection for the book on Muotka-Rantakokko –families

The instructions for filling the form:

Filling the form manually

1. Print it (printing via Acrobat)
2. Fill the pages manually or typewriting
3. Sign the form
4. Post the pages

Filling the form with your computer

1. Fill the open spaces on the form
2. Print the form (via Acrobat)
3. Sign the form
4. Post the pages

If the open spaces are too small, you may continue writing  on the back side of your prints or on a separate paper.
Send the filled form to:

Mervi Muotka
Utkujärventie 23
99310 Ylimuonio